Working with remote teams

agile collaboration communication

Here are a few lessons we’ve learned over the years of operating as a remote team.

1. Trust each other

Trust is the single most important value to have. Trust your team, trust your colleagues, and trust yourself. You can foster trust through pervasive communication.

2. Pervasive communication by default

When in doubt, share information up, down, and across the organization. Keeping communication channels open gives everyone a chance to ask questions and offer insight. Use Slack, Hangouts, HipChat, Teams? Then prefer public channels over direct messages, even if you think the rest of the team doesn’t need to know.

3. Collaboration wins

We rarely see projects cross the finish line on the shoulders of heroic hackers. Successful projects deliver value quickly because everyone is working together. This is easier when everyone is aligned on the same targets (see “pervasive communication”).