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Adding Alias to create-react-app
create-react-app is a great way to start a new project and we show you how to add alias style imports without ejecting.
3 Easy Steps To Add Webpack Into Jekyll
Here's a quick tutorial for those of you wanting to add webpack to your jekyll site.
Announcing Promo Banner on the Shopify App Store
We're proud to announce that we've delivered our first publicly listed Shopify App - Promo Banner.
Free QR Code Builder
QR codes may be old news, but they're gaining in popularity. We've published a free QR Code builder for you to try out.
Build a web site faster with static site generators
Static site generators make building and managing web sites faster than without one. Jekyll is one of many static site generators.
Using the command line
What is the command line and some useful tutorials.
Working with remote teams
Here are a few lessons we've learned over the years of operating as a remote team.
Testing legacy apps
A business that stands the test of time is probably a business that is good at adapting to change. They embrace new technologies, they...
How we do projects
Managing projects can be easy, hard, or somewhere in between. Most projects generally have the same components: an objective, a plan, and a team.